Man Claims To Have a Photo From The Year 5000

Recently, the YouTube channel ApexTV released a video of a man showing what he claims to be an actual photograph from the year 5000.

The man’s name in the video is Edward, and he says he was part of a top secret experiment in 2004 in which he was granted the opportunity to travel in time. He accepted and supposedly went to the year 5000.

It’s funny because we recently wrote about a guy who traveled back in our time, from year 2050, and another guy from year 8000. What strikes us is that these time travel occurrences are increasing in frequency (or popularity) and again, just like with the UFOs, the more it’s gaining popularity and the masses start to believe, the harder it is to distinguish between what is fake and what is not. The recipe is here: just claim you traveled from whatever distant or not too distant year, in the future, blur your face and lower the pitch of your voice. Also, don’t forget to provide with dystopian details of the future society. Like in the video below, in the year 5000, USA still exists (which could not be more satisfying to hear) – but if you look at Earth’s recent history, nations were built and collapsed in a mere fraction of the 3000 year span.

Nonetheless, getting back to Edward, he says that while in the future, he snapped a photo of Los Angeles completely submerged in water.

What do you think? Is Edward an actual time traveler?


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