Satellite Detects MASSIVE Object Under Antarctica

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The “Wilkes Land gravity anomaly” is seldom spoken about in the ufology community.

However, sitting deep under an ice shelf of this isolated part of Antartica, lies one of the greatest mysteries on earth. This is known as the “Wilkes Land gravity anomaly”. In March of 2002 the rocket launch vehicle blasted off launching the Plesetsk space port. While in orbit, it launches it’s payload which consists of two satellites Known as the GRACE twin satellites, the purpose of the GRACE satellites was to monitor the overall gravity of the earth. Specifically, it was used to find what are called gravity anomalies, or locations on the earth where the gravity is actually different from the rest of the planet. Many people believe that the gravity field around earth is all the same, it’s all even, but this is actually not true. The earth is shrouded in varying land masses of varying sizes, and this has a distinct effect on how gravity works. The larger the land mass, the more mass that it has and the stronger the gravitational pull it will have on the satellites above.

Certain tools like the GRACE Satellites have a number of applications for studying this gravitational anomalies: whether they’d be for locating volcanos or potential earthquake areas and even for finding oil. However, during one of the flybys over Antarctica, the GRACE Satellite noticed a very strange gravitational anomaly. In a virtually barren, blank spot of the icy continent where there are absolutely no surface features or anything out of the ordinary, a gravitational spike was detected where the gravity was found to reach 300 miles up into space and pull down on these satellites much harder than any of the other areas around the continent which then posed a very mysterious question for scientists what could be buried deep underneath this ice shelf that had such a mass to it that it would have the gravitational force that was detected by the grace satellites. A geophysicist from the ohio state university by the name of Ralph von Frese was part of the team who actually made the startling discovery.


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