Sign of alien life? Mysterious phenomenon spotted in skies above Japan

Japanese residents were left baffled after they witnessed an “unbelievable” sight in the sky above Kyushu – sparking speculation it could be a sign of alien life as pictures were shared on social media.

Residents in Kyushu, an island in Japan, took to social media to share pictures of what appears to be a colourful haze of smoke in the sky.

Pictures posted on Twitter show swirls of thins clouds – similar to what conspiracy theorists call “chemtrails”.

Some have branded the sight as “god’s graffiti” and branded it as “unbelievable”.

According to WeatherNews, it was caused as a result of the Epsilon-3 Rocket launch which took place in the Uchinoura Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture at 6.06 am on Thursday.

The launch was scheduled for an earlier time, however, was forced to be delayed after poor weather hit the Pacific coast.

Japanese residents have spotted a weird colourful object in the sky above Kyushu

It is believed that the unusual occurrence happened because of the moisture linger in the air.

This latest sighting of what could have been a glimmer of extraterrestrial life comes after an investigator who spent years pouring over the UFO phenomenon for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has spoken about claims intelligent aliens are living here on Earth and the explosive story is covered up by world leaders.

Nick Pope worked for the British MoD from 1985 to 2006, and between 1991 to 1994 ran extensive enquiries into any potential defence threat posed by the UFO phenomenon.

The project was shut down with the conclusion there was no threat.

Now based in the US, Mr Pope tours the globe speaking at UFO and alien-related conferences, as well as describing on documentaries what he has unearthed.

However, when it came to revealing his true beliefs about whether intelligent aliens exist and are here on Earth – but hidden by a global cover-up as thousands of conspiracy theorists and so-called truth seekers believe – Mr Pope has always played a close hand.

For years alien believers have claimed the US Government, and possibly others, have encountered visiting aliens and allowed them to operate unseen in hidden underground bases, from where they research our planet.

In return for this, government’s assess the technology which allows them to get here.

Social media users took to the internet to post pictures of the phenomenon online

Various theories even suggest a vast array of species live here including reptilians, greys, and the human-like “Tall Whites” or Pleiadians.

High profile believers have included the later NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell and Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Minister for Defence.

The 52-year-old revealed he is convinced aliens exist, somewhere out there in the Universe.

However, in a blow to alien hunters, he said he is not satisfied there has been any “smoking gun” evidence that any have ever visited Earth.

And, he categorically said he does NOT believe ANY of the conspiracy theories about aliens secretly hidden in top-secret bunkers and working with global governments.

Scientifically, he is not convinced that aliens could even make it to Earth.

If there are any UFOs arriving from other planets, they “would only be automated probes or craft controlled by artificial intelligence,” he added.


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Sign of alien life? Mysterious phenomenon spotted in skies above Japan

Japanese residents were left baffled after they witnessed an “unbelievable” sight in...
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