ORION – Alien Race: Maleficent Or Benevolent?

Some claim that ’negative’ entities have been associated with some of the stars in the Orion constellation.
Other sources claim that the Orion Nebula is a cosmic ’doorway’ to ’infinity’ or the realm of the Creator, which transcends the time-space-matter universe.

Orion Constellation

Some astronomers claim that a huge, beautifully-illuminated multicolored ’light’ has emerged from the “nebula” and is on an intercept course with Earth, although at a rather leisurely pace and at this rate this ’light’ or ’star’ will reach earth approximately 3000 AD (give or take a hundred years).

The Orions are a green-skinned humanoid species native, as their name indicates, to the Orion constellation. Their external appearance is similar to Humans, except for the skin colour, which can range from pale to dark green and, in some cases, greenish blue.

The Orion civilization was one of the very few that evolved into a state of technological advancement while still being in a state of spiritual conflict. In the Orion conflict, there were two groups, the negative side who believed in the concept of serving the self. They believed if they served their self the whole would be served. This translates into seeking domination over others.

Orions are a cunning, dangerous and opportunistic species, frequently found involved in the conspiracy, piracy, and slavery of other species as well as their own. Up until the 23rd century, they tried hard to hide their criminal activities and present themselves as politically neutral. Orion pirates would go to the extreme of committing both murder and suicide in order to maintain the faux image of neutrality of their species.

There are parts of the Orion system that have awakened and parts that are still trying to dominate. One of those still trying to dominate in the Orion system is the reptilian race.

The positive Orions that are visiting the Earth are contributing their advanced mental power for the development of smoothly running systems of organization on Earth. These Orions vibrate and resonate to the colour yellow, and beam this frequency to Earth for the purpose of stabilizing the intuitive powers within the human consciousness.

The Ashtar Command serves in a certain sense as heaven’s policemen, and there are actually six planets in the Orion system, and a group called the Deros, from Orion inner space, that has had to be completely cordoned off so beware of anything to do with the Orion Nebula.

The Orion constellation is one of the most brilliant. In legend, it represents a mighty hunter brought down by his own pride.
He boasts he could slay all wild animals but he was killed by a scorpion. The constellation’s most celebrated feature is the huge nebula 1,500 light years away that lies within the hunter’s sword.
Amongst the hundreds of stars in the system are two supergiants, Betelgeuse and Rigel, 430 and 770 light years away, respectively.

Orion Stars

Orions have a reputation for possessing an aggressive nature and have been involved in many destructive wars. Note that the masculine energy is associated with the evolution of beings from the star systems of Orion, which are related to Earth, whereas inhabitants of the Sirius star system, also very much involved with Earth, carry the feminine energy or polarity.

Although there is a symbiosis between consciousness and technology, the Orion races probably pushed this principle to the limit and developed advanced technology (of a type) while still war-waging. The typical scenario was the Light against the Dark; peace-loving Orions opposed by self-serving ‘aggressive’ Orions.

According to Light Network, there are three major players in the galaxy: the Intergalactic Confederation of different star systems throughout the galaxy the Reptoid Federation, a conglomeration of many reptoid species the Orion Empire, ruled by one leader

Orion Star

The Orions, who have Vegan characteristics, have particularly striking eyes. In fact their priests, who live twice as long as the general population – about a thousand years – have bright blue eyes, which change to that colour as a result of strict spiritual training, involving diet and psychic experience. The common colour of the eyes is brown. Their height is usually in the 7 foot- tall category.

The duties of these priests are the education in theory and practice of all aspects of relationships for both marital and premarital subjects, including procreation rituals, in which full intimacies occur during a 24-hour stay in the priest’s temples as a normal custom. Appearance remains similar from young to old with no senility. Attraction is not physical; awareness of inner-consciousness dominates.

In spite of the spiritual implications, there appears still to remain within the Orion civilizations the never-ending conflict between the Orion Empire and the Black League resistance. The Empire appears to be run mainly by the Greys working with a Federation of Draconian Reptilians, with the aim of extending their domination to other planets.

Pirate Aliens

It is not uncommon for extraterrestrial civilizations to spawn rebellious members which are ostracized from their native planet.

Small pirate groups, in particular, from the relatively advanced civilizations of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades.

These comprise not more than a handful of pirates who revel in plundering planets like Earth and exploring time travel in such linear 3D highly objective realities. Different aliens seek different resources whether it is sea water, sand, quartz, minerals or genetic material, etc.

But they have apparently learned that generally, it is to their benefit to exercise cooperation with our secret government and negotiate deals with them. Over the years the government has acquired advanced technologies from ETs as a result of these negotiations.

A particularly notorious renegade cabal are the Xpotaz. In the Shining The Light books they are referred to as particularly dangerous time travellers. They no longer have a home planet.

An example is given in which the Xpotaz, which had established itself by force as a go-between for other alien pirate’s deals with the secret government, would warn all other rebel parties approaching Earth with a view to acquiring resources.

They would threaten them with their ‘time beam weapon’; a dreaded device with which few would argue – unless they were contacted first.

Nevertheless, along came the Zetas; their first mission to Earth, seeking genetic material. This took place in the 1920s. There were nine Zeta aliens in their spacecraft, which was a product of hundreds of thousands of years of advanced technology.

Their intention was to contact Earth’s governments, which would be the secret government or One World Government and negotiate a deal for the acquisition of genetic material from humans. A combination of some degree of etiquette or ethics and cooperation for cover-ups from the public made government contact logical and wise.

The Zeta ship’s approach to Earth was intercepted by the Xpotaz pirates. These Zetas were given the standard warning that unless they cooperated and conducted negotiations with the government through, and to the benefit of, the Xpotaz they would be subject to the time beam weapon.

It had never been necessary to use it as no aliens were foolish enough to defy the Xpotaz. Nevertheless, the Xpotaz were quite ready to use it to set an example to others.

Needless to say, the Zetas ignored them. One must keep in mind that the Zetas had developed the unsurpassed intellect. Their ships were constructed of the same material as their cloned bodies (compressed light, which was a little like plastic), and could – as they did with their bodies – bilocate: appear in two places at once.

In addition, on entering their ships, one apprehended that the interior of the craft was greater than the outside dimensions permitted. They were exceedingly advanced, but highly specialized, resulting in an inordinate failure to understand others, combined with a certain naivety and arrogance.

Thus they rejected three warnings from the Xpotaz.

The time-beam device was directed at the Zeta spacecraft. The ship was transported back in time half-a-billion years at a location better described as the other side of the universe. Channel source Zoosh referred to this as a sad state of affairs. There was no hope of them finding their way home. To this day since the 1920s they are still lost and in fact, are not expected even to be rescued within their lifetimes of another 200 years.

Underhand deals with the secret government were also negotiated by other pirate aliens such as ones from Orion and Sirius but the most treacherous are the Xpotaz.

According to the Shining The Light series of books the Orions contacted our secret government around 1910 and in return for a small laser device, obtained government agreement to turn a blind eye while they took over human bodies by force – this was as per the well-known ‘walk-in’ procedure, except that most walk-ins are benevolently arranged.

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