Aliens Threatening to Blow up the Sun if Humans do not agree to meet their demands

Inhabitants of other planets may send us “contaminated” messages to “hack” the human communications media.

At least, it is about this possibility that warns the study of American astrophysicists Michael Hippke and John G. Learned, published on the website

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence, SETI, projects aim to search for life on other planets through the use of advanced antennas and computers that analyze electromagnetic signals of extraterrestrial origin.

In addition, scientists seek to emit and receive encoded messages from outer space

According to the study, extraterrestrials could send messages to communication systems containing malicious code.
For example, threatening to blow up the Sun if humans do not agree to meet their demands.

According to experts, SETI projects or personal computers run the risk of being infected by a trojan or malware that could give access to personal data and the operating system to a planet level hacker the researchers concluded:
We can only choose to destroy an extraterrestrial message or take the risk!



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