Did Aliens Hack The Voyager 2 Space Probe in 2010?

We don’t know how we missed this news item back from 2010! Then, NASA reported a single bit-flip error occurred in Voyager 2’s software code used to communicate with Earth. That sounds pretty mundane in today’s IT savvy world where we are all used to software errors and corrupt code.

But sometime the corruption of code is due to deliberate interference. Hackers hack into computers everyday for fun or more nefarious reasons. In this instance several scientists suggested that the on-board computer was hacked by an alien race (from another star system) who were trying to communicate with us.

But note the Voyager 2 space craft at that time was nearly about to cross over into what we would call interstellar space. It was about to leave the solar system in 2010 at a distance of 90 times the distance between the sun and the earth. That is about 8.6 billion miles or about 14 billion km. That means it takes a light signal nearly 13 hours, travelling at nearly 300,000 km/s, to travel from the space probe to Earth. For NASA to send and receive a signal that would take twice that time, nearly 26 hours. It is certainly at a distance where one can easily discount any Earth based hacker.

Artist’s concept of Voyager in flight.

The following is excerpted an online news item from 6 years ago and is typical of the several available.

NASA space probe Voyager 2, which left earth 33 years ago, may have been hijacked by aliens who are now trying to make contact with earth according to a German academic.

The craft, which is 8.6 billion miles from earth on the very edge of the solar system, has been sending back data ever since it was launched – until last month when it briefly stopped transmitting before starting to send strange messages that scientists cannot decipher.

German academic Hartwig Hausdorf believes the change could be down to extraterrestrials. He says that because the rest of the spacecraft is still working normally there may be more to the cryptic messages than meets the eye.

It seems almost as if someone has reprogrammed or hijacked the probe

he told German newspaper Bild.

Thus perhaps we do not yet know the whole truth.

NASA was much more circumspect stating that they believe it was due to this one corrupt bit of code. That may have occurred due to radiation in space or impact by a highly energetic particle which flipped the bit.

However there is more to the story.

Before being sent into space they were loaded with a so-called Golden Record – a disk containing greetings in 55 earth languages along with sounds and images from our planet in case it did encounter extraterrestrial life.

Golden disk placed aboard both Voyager space probes before launch in 1977.

In fact, among the languages on the gramophone disk recordings are those of whales. That must have been included just in case the aliens the spacecraft might encounter only understand whale-speak. Such is the entrenched belief in evolution that the NASA scientists wanted to “cover all bases” just in case evolution had evolved intelligent alien-whale-like creatures out there on some other planet covered in oceans (obviously).

But if Hausdorf is correct in assuming that aliens are trying to send messages there could be trouble ahead, even if they understand the information on the Golden Disk.

So putting all that information on the disk may have exposed Earth to alien attack. Essentially it is telling the enemy about what humans know or don’t know. And there are many smart people out there who believe this could be a reality.

Last month, Professor Stephen Hawking, the renowned British astrophysicist and believer in aliens, warned that advanced extraterrestrial life forms would aggressively seek to colonise Earth should humans ever make contact with them.


Source: biblescienceforum.com

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